About us

Bridges Self-Management is a social enterprise that fosters real cultural change in health and social care by creating a shared ethos of person-centred self-management support in a team's language, systems and processes.
One aspect of our work consists of co-producing self-management books and digital platforms with people who live with long-term conditions and their families. Individuals can access and use them as a standalone tool to boost their hopes and confidence to live the life they want with a long-term condition. Some services use these tools to promote an ethos of self-management support in their teams.

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Contact us if you would like to contribute your experience and ideas or like to discover more

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Our partners and supporters

A big thank you to Jatin Pattin and Laurence Lee for their invaluable support throughout the development phase. Thanks to Muscular Dystrophy UK and their staff for letting us run activities at one of their events.

We developed this platform in partnership with The Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD) at University College London Hospital.

This work was made possible by funding from University College London Hospitals Charity.


We are indebted to all authors who have contributed their experiences and ideas for this platform. All the content has come from their willingness to share their stories of experiencing life with a neuromuscular condition.

The authors

  • Andrew Robertson
  • Arti Dasani
  • Curtis Lock
  • Donna Banks (copy editing)
  • Doug Sager
  • Hannah Sosna
  • Hannah Stapleton
  • Jamie Alarakhia
  • Pooja Deshpande
  • Richard Amm
  • Tatum Swithenbank
  • Victoria Nakhoul
  • William Garside
  • Annabelle Banks
  • Harry Stapleton
  • Hazel Garside
  • Norsheen Rashid
  • Sayed A Khabbab

Core project team

  • Heide Pöstges
  • Donna Banks
  • Gita Ramdharry
  • Bethany Meloche
  • Fiona Jones

Advisory Group

  • Sherryl Chatfield
  • Sarah Holmes
  • Jodi Allen
  • Sarah Burton
  • Natalie James
  • Suzanne Booth


  • William Michael Clarke

Voice actor

  • Charis Ballard Ridley