Patient Advice

Topic 5: Staying positive

Seek psychological support

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Will: Be positive – I have focused on what I enjoy, not on what others have said I can or can’t do. I think if you want to do something there is always a way of achieving it. For example, I have been very lucky earlier in my life to have had flying lessons through Aerobility, which is a charity that helps people fly. There are many groups out there that are able to help with accomplishing the things that you want to do.

Focus on what you enjoy

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Richard: Find meaning and purpose, you can invent it or make it up, and it doesn’t matter what it is, but it is fundamental to have.

I do things I never thought I would do

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Doug: Raising awareness about neurological conditions, is the thing that keeps me active. It is getting me up in the morning and keeps me going because I enjoy it. I do presentations and I have made a film – things I have never done before. What keeps me positive is my ability to find ways within myself to adapt to my situation and doing things I never thought I would do, and I am enjoying doing those things.

Volunteer and help others

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Richard: Volunteer and help others in any way you can, being sick can make you self-centred which will make you miserable.

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